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Platinum Cookies effects

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812 people reported 6520 effects


67% of people report feeling relaxed


59% of people report feeling happy


53% of people report feeling euphoric


45% of people report feeling uplifted


30% of people report feeling creative

Dry mouth

24% of people report feeling dry mouth

Dry eyes

11% of people report feeling dry eyes


4% of people report feeling dizzy


4% of people report feeling anxious


3% of people report feeling paranoid


34% of people say it helps with stress


30% of people say it helps with pain


26% of people say it helps with depression


25% of people say it helps with anxiety



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6 reviews for Platinum cookies

  1. R…….5

    I took 2 months off from smoking, been smoking for over 20 years. Every once in awhile it’s good to take a break. So, I swung by my new favorite dispensary in SilverLake(Los Angeles), CA. I wanted a Jack strain, which I got(Jack the Ripper), but noticed this strain Platinum Cookies. Now I have had GSC , GSC mint thins, and Platinum Bubba, platinum OG and probably some more variations. I have always been pleased, so I knew Platinum Cookies wouldn’t disappoint. The high is good, very relaxing. I smoked it and went to see “Straight Outta Compton”, being an 80”s kid, I love the Old School Gangster Rap. I smoked, went to the film, came back 3 hours later and the house still had that good dank smell, sweet terpenoids. Anyways I was high even when I came home 3 hours later to the smell of dank. I hit it 7 more times in the past 2 hours and have been reading weed reviews. But now it’s time for bed, seems like I’m gonna sleep well. The bud also tastes great, not one who can verbalize tastes, I will just say it leaves and after taste of , whatever it was you last ate, cause it makes you hungry as hell too. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck the Police” ~~NWA

  2. D……..r

    Super duper dense, almost impossible to crush a nug between two fingers. Had a gorgeous coating of crystals so large you could see them without even squinting, it was amazing. The high had a nice body stone, whilst sending my mind to a different planet. A very psychoactive strain, potent to the Nth degree. A winner.

  3. C…….e

    Platinum Cookie is very strong. Its platinum kush crossed with girl scout cookies so it has a very sweet smell and taste. Beautiful plant. Good bed-time bud.

  4. J…………..6

    My absolute favorite strain I’ve tried! So frosty it’s crazy, my kief catcher is filling at an incredible speed. The smell is a sweet earthing pungent dank with a hint of mint, and the buds are larger than your average plant. The high hits fast and hard! Would almost compare to a hit of honey oil. (Was high off honey before trying the Pgsc and still hit hard and got me noticeably higher right away) Not recommended for a novice or consumption before working…You’ll just get lost.

  5. 3………G

    very body numbing. great pain and stress disolver. not good if you need to get stuff done right away. jello legs. feels great. been smoking for 10+ years and was surprised how loud this strain is! blew me away with 1 joint. a+++ strain! body and mind at ease!

  6. l……..o

    Holy moly…now, I’ve had PCookies before, maybe half dozen rounds, eighth at a whack, but SHAZAM! The latest batch I scored today from my collective was of a whole ‘nother level of high I haven’t experienced since my tolerance regained its lofty heights of late. Wasn’t sure I was even due for another ‘first-high’-type blast, but PCook had other ideas! But speaking of lofty heights, this batch of PCookies delivers and then some…giggles that reach near-asphyxiation peaks, to the point of delirious and utter satisfaction…the glorious sensation that my body has indeed left the building, leaving behind only a blissful lightness of being…I could go on and on, and I think that might just be the point! Ok, back to deciding between listening to God Bless The Red Krayola, 13th Floor Elevators, Mose Allison, or Odessey & Oracle for musical application. Just about anything is gonna sound like heaven on a brioche Oh, btw. Get some of whatever’s going about. NOW. You have been warmed…errr…warned….errrrr…no, i think I had it right the first time!

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