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Peanut butter breath

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butter breath effect

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70 people reported 333 effects


68% of people report feeling relaxed


54% of people report feeling happy


35% of people report feeling euphoric


34% of people report feeling uplifted


25% of people report feeling sleepy

Dry eyes

10% of people report feeling dry eyes

Dry mouth

10% of people report feeling dry mouth


2% of people report feeling dizzy


1% of people report feeling anxious


1% of people report feeling headache


21% of people say it helps with anxiety


17% of people say it helps with stress


15% of people say it helps with depression

Lack of appetite

7% of people say it helps with lack of appetite


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4 reviews for Peanut butter breath

  1. Fqbfswigo

    cialis and douextine cialis daily cialis and dapoxetime tabs in usa

  2. T………m

    Really good,I had an amazing experience with this one,great sleep

  3. p….k

    just like the name peanut butter breath. This strain reminds me of the old days smoking on a chronic joint and eating a reese’s cup a highon delight. Don’t let the name fool you this hard hitting strain is so good and strong you can feel the buzz right after one hit and keeps going after that then 30 minutes later booooom even more higher head and body am feeling good in the neighbor hood a A1 strain

  4. R…….U

    Brothers I chiefed down a half a bowl and then it took me 7 attempts to log in to write this including a password reset twice. I’m gonna go finish the bowl as a reward for my efforts. Stay safe.

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