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GasHouse Vape Cartrige

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Our cartridges are specially designed using the latest vape technology and the cleanest, purest concentrate possible. Our vapes pack world-class THC and honey-golden concentrate made from our fan favorite strains.

Now you can spark up anywhere, anytime with Gas House Vapes. Live life on your terms.



Our heavy-hitting cartridges come equipped with the latest vape technology and are packed with our award-winning, honey-gold cannabis oil — extracted from the freshest cannabis and engineered to perfection in our Gas House laboratories.

Our growing arsenal of vape flavors now includes: Melon GooStrawberry FieldsBubble GumWifi OG, and Sour Skittles.


Melon Goo, Strawberry Fields, Bubble Gum, Wifi OG, Sour Skittles

5 reviews for GasHouse Vape Cartrige

  1. Juicy


  2. d………j

    Thanks for the delivery it came on time

  3. t……90

    I love this sh*t, it’s highly recommend

  4. D…….7

    Tried it for the first time last night. Calmed my anxiety and helped me fall asleep.

  5. P…..5

    So so good. Such a happy uplifted high

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