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GasHouse Terpene Infused CBD Pre-Rolls

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GasHouse CBD Prerolls

I love the prerolls, OG Kush had me chillin, the best so far!


27.91% THC Gas House OG is Gas House signature strain. Super heavy Indica with a piney vibrant aroma. Dense goo filled nugs packed with Thc and full of flavor. This is a couch killer strain and will help take lifes pains away, plan on having a lazy day with this primo stra

Get award-winning CBD pre-rolls with these Gas House Pre-Rolls. These CBD Pre-Rolls carry the same aroma as their flower with the high-quality terpene infused CBD flower rolled and packed tight with premium-grade hemp paper. Each individual roll contains 18% – 20% CBD. These pre-rolls are available in five fantastic flavors. Get them today at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.!


  • OG Kush
  • Orange Gelato
  • Balla Berries
  • Banana Kush 
  • Grand Daddy Purple

GasHouse Terpene Infused CBD Pre-Rolls Features:

  • Terpene Infused CBD Pre-Roll
  • Premium-Grade Hemp Paper
  • Award-Winning CBD Flower
  • Approx. 18%-20% CBD
  • Less than 0.3% THC



OG Kush, Orange Gelato, Balla Berries, Banana Kush, Grand Daddy Purple

6 reviews for GasHouse Terpene Infused CBD Pre-Rolls

  1. Nicki


  2. Y……..h

    Julie & Justina r Awesome Thanks girls.. I called & tried to contact all the dispensaries & only 2 got back to me. Gas house is the Best as far as I’m concerned. Never had an issue & the medicine is definitely quality Flowers. A+ Even though it’s a little bit far for me is doesn’t matter Gas house will b my 1st dispensary from now on. Thanks guys especially Julie & Justina. I’ll see u next month..☺️

  3. H………..7


  4. v…..6p


  5. y……p

    absolutely one of the best flowers on the market now. my favorite. I give it 4 out of 5 only because of the aroma. it’s very fuely. so if you were to need to hide for any reason. it’s almost Impossible

  6. G…..8

    Definitely worth more than 5☆

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