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Founded in Santa Cruz and bred by Greeline Organics, Bananimal is one of our signature Cali strains that packs dark purple and green buds with fiery hairs and crystal trichomes. Like the rest of our selection, this one is heavy on potency.

And it tastes even better than it looks. Bananimal will hit you with that sweet banana cream smell, and then it will crumble down into a pungent cookie dough aroma that will lift you into a state of relaxation, pain-relief, and feelgood vibes.


Melon Goo, Strawberry Fields, Bubble Gum, Wifi OG, Sour Skittles

13 reviews for GASHOUSE – BANANIMAL

  1. Pivo


  2. Jules

    Product was too strong for but I recommend

  3. Edwado

    Best quality I tested

  4. Stricker

  5. F………o

    I love the branding and am waiting to get my hands me when they drop

  6. G……..b

    I got nock out since it’s was my first time smoking

  7. s……..h

    This is a creeper…takes about an hour to really kick in. And when it does get ready to EAT!! Total munchies. I was watching every food channel I could find. Great strain. Doesn’t kick your ass , great if you are going out but want to be mellow. I use it right before dinner and after that I can just kick back on the couch and relax. Easy to go right to sleep. I only smoke at night and this is a perfect fit for me.

  8. t……p

    my box just landing .am so happy

  9. m……t

    can’t wait to get my hands on this brand it’s gonna be awesome…..

  10. z…….4

    Quality Service. Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable staff. Excellent price. Quality product.

  11. k…….h

    Full body, happy, buzzing high that eventually knocks you out full force. Great smell and flavor .I like that this doesn’t give me insane munchies but is still very relaxing!

  12. T…………u

    Dank, some of the strongest stuff I’ve smoked.

  13. V…….8

    Definitely worth more than 5☆

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