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Dankwoods Flavors We have to admit, whoever created the labels for Dankwoods did so with some serious talent. Unfortunately, the product itself has been proven to be very impressive. The whole point of these Dankwoods Flavors are to motivate potential buyers, it’s brilliant marketing that helped stir the direction for pre rolls in the legal cannabis market. A quarter gram of concentrate is supposedly inside according to the label.

White Fire

Girl Scout Cookies

Skywalker OG

Lemon Tree

Sour Diesel

Sunset Sherbet

Gorilla Glue


Wedding Cake


Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

6 reviews for Dankwoods

  1. Jpalcho

    Just happy my order came in

  2. K…….c

    Loved everything about this brand. Delicious tasting strain!! Ok for daytime careful not to overindulge bcuz it helps lull you to relaxation too. Hard hitting fast acting body buzz and very long lasting. Kills pain stress and muscle stiffness. Helps with creativity good for social settings, getting things done or getting into a good movie or a meal

  3. 7………..h

    Powerful, balanced, steady euphoric mind and body high. Relaxation and smooth vibes by the time you blow out second hit. One of my all time favorites for sure.

  4. L………h

    My absolute favorite, relieves back pain with a mellow high

  5. I….k

    Dank…….!!! I’m in love with this brand and it’s so great ❤️

  6. E…..8

    So so good. Such a happy uplifted high

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