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9338 people reported 70763 effects


58% of people report feeling happy


53% of people report feeling euphoric


49% of people report feeling relaxed


49% of people report feeling uplifted


38% of people report feeling creative

Dry mouth

30% of people report feeling dry mouth

Dry eyes

16% of people report feeling dry eyes


7% of people report feeling paranoid


6% of people report feeling dizzy


3% of people report feeling anxious


37% of people say it helps with stress


29% of people say it helps with anxiety


27% of people say it helps with depression


27% of people say it helps with pain


Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

5 reviews for Zcube

  1. J….g

    I was skeptical of this strain at first because it was advertised as a CBD strain. Eventually, I decided to try a half-quarter (woops-an eighth for most of the pot-smoking community) to help with some back pain that I’d been prescribed relaxers for that I didn’t fill. Upon lighting up my first draw, two things became immediately apparent. First, this bud has a commanding smell of hazy citrus that pours out as soon as you open the bag, with subtle cat-piss undertones that I’ve come to expect and love from.a.good haze. And second, the flavour is as smooth and vivid as it smells. upon smoking, calming senses of uplifting euphoria come on just before your eyes and nose waters a little bit.

  2. Taylor Miles

    One of my all times favorite ❤ great feeling,bought a few oz

  3. H….p

    My G.O.A.T brand
    love this sh*t❤️❤️❤️

  4. M…………T

    Always been a sativa guy but this strain is amazing definitely a top 5 strain maybe top 2. This is a beautiful plant has almost all the colors of the rainbow all frosted in a thick layer of crystals. The smell is amazing and the taste is truly like nothing I’ve ever tasted and its really good. Very strong stoney high, very indica extremely relaxed without all the being tired.

  5. J……5

    Love this strain. Put’s you in a great mood; be prepared to laugh your ass off.

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