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Blue Sherbert effects

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20 people reported 118 effects


75% of people report feeling relaxed


65% of people report feeling uplifted


65% of people report feeling happy


65% of people report feeling euphoric


40% of people report feeling focused

Dry eyes

10% of people report feeling dry eyes

Dry mouth

10% of people report feeling dry mouth


5% of people report feeling dizzy


5% of people report feeling headache


15% of people say it helps with depression

Lack of appetite

15% of people say it helps with lack of appetite


15% of people say it helps with anxiety


10% of people say it helps with insomnia


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5 reviews for Blue sherbet

  1. Taylor Miles

    Nice bud, great smell, I like it

  2. M……p

    I just got a m-fused cartridge in Blue Sherbet and I have been smoking for about 20+ years and I have quite a bit of a tolerance to ALL CANNABIS. but WOW I AM REALLY, REALLY, FUCKING RELAXED I have ADHD and I smoke for medical reasons. Mostly I smoke sativa’s, but I dig having a good Indica cartridge in my rotation. Kristen from Herbal Nation (THE BEST STORE EVER) RECOMMENDED IT TO ME AND I LOVE IT. TASTE LIKE BLUEBERRY AND DIESEL . I’M KINDA STONED. I FEEL LIKE MY EYES ARE NOT MINE they’re fuzzy. my daughter and I took our dog for a walk and I just kept smoking. All the way into Safeway. my point is that Blue Sherbet is fucking awesome. everything is good and soft. I’m a very seasoned smoker and I very much dig this strain. it gets me STONED. ✌️

  3. w……….d

    It smells as if heaven cracked open its Mason jars and said enjoy. fruity sweet bliss in a bud. amazing body buzz with a soaring sativa cerebral blast. one of my new favorites and hope it stays around for years to come

  4. a………r

    this is one of my favorite strains. its relaxing, good for socializing and couch surfing. The girl friend gets tingles and it perks up her sexual appetite.

  5. J……5

    This is the first strain I have loved since the first inhale. I am not used to sativas, so this one kind of surprised me. After I took a hit of wax, I felt an instant head high. I just felt “good.” I will also note that this strain actually tastes sour/sweet and tends to induce coughing. Anyway, was I surprised. Five minutes later, I felt something building up. Then I was hit by a massive body high that caused my entire body to tingle. It also felt like a really strong indica at that point. Overall, this is my favorite strain. I highly recommend it for anyone dealing with anxiety or stress. You may be able to function on the head high, but don’t expect to do much after the body high hits.

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